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ISTE, the leading publisher of books focused on technology in education, inspires the creation of solutions and connections that improve opportunities for all learners by delivering: practical guidance, evidence-based professional learning, virtual networks, thought-provoking events and the ISTE Standards. Explore nearly 100 titles covering topics such as digital citizenship, inclusive learning, and computer science.

“ISTE’s books help translate the latest trends in education into actionable next steps for educators of all disciplines. With a wide range of voices and topics, there’s something for every educator.”Adam Bellow, Co-Founder, Breakout EDU

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2023世界杯买球 (手机免费体育直播平台下载)
2023世界杯买球 (手机免费体育直播平台下载) from ISTE author, Kristen Mattson

Explore the ethics of data privacy, human bias in AI, social media and more. In 2023世界杯买球 (手机免费体育直播平台下载), Kristen Mattson poses six big questions for students to explore as they navigate the technology that pervades today’s society. Mattson presents research and lesson examples, as well as strategies for helping students consider the systems and structures in which they spend so much of their time, asking them to look at the technology around them through a critical lens.

“Technology impacts all grade levels and subject areas, as well as students’ lives outside of the classroom, often in ways that perpetuate harm and systems of oppression. These are absolutely the questions our students need to be asking and examining.”–Mike Karlin, Edtech Roundup

Developing Digital Detectives
Developing Digital Detectives from ISTE authors, Jennifer LaGarde and Darren Hudgins

Media literacy is an essential skill, and traditional strategies are no longer enough. Due to the current media landscape, educators must provide learners with skills and techniques to help them question the information they encounter on a daily basis. In their bestselling Developing Digital Detectives, authors Jennifer LaGarde and Darren Hudgins address the current challenges with creative lessons and an online collection of downloadable resources to support learners as they become “digital detectives” – examining clues and motives, developing theories and, ultimately, determining what’s real and what isn’t in our “post-truth world.”

“This is not only a book for teachers and students, this is a book for all of us as we navigate the world of information overload. It reminds us of our collective responsibility as ‘human beings living in an information-saturated world’ to build our digital detective skills and interrupt the misinformation, disinformation and malinformation.”–Chris Tuttell, Librarian, South Garner High School, North Carolina

Creative Journaling for Teachers
Creative Journaling for Teachers from ISTE author, Nichole Carter

Get solutions to keep up, stay focused and prioritize mental health. In Creative Journaling for Teachers, educator and trainer Nichole Carter demonstrates how unlocking the creative brain can help improve mental health and problem-solving ability, as well as lead to better self-awareness and time management. Filled with full-color illustrations, the book shares ideas and techniques for developing an effective, personalized system to improve productivity and address teacher burnout.

“Carter shares tools and practical prompts for teachers who want to bring a bit of creativity and moments of reflection to how they organize their work. Whether they start from blank notebooks or pre-made planners, she hopes these strategies will help teachers gain a feeling of time affluence amid a stressful, demanding career.”
–Kara Newhouse, KQED MindShift blog

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