体育外围平台 (最大顶级体育平台有哪些)

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体育外围平台 (最大顶级体育平台有哪些)

By T.K. Lê     2023 年 1 月 16 日

体育外围平台 (最大顶级体育平台有哪些)
2021 年 3 月 26 日在旧金山举行的反对暴力集会。

2020 年 4 月 15 日,波士顿附近牛顿公立学校区的高中教师正在做全国 K-12 教师正在做的事情:他们在 Zoom 上教学.在线上课是一个快速的转变,几乎没有标准化的隐私保护。对于 AP 中国语言与文化的一位老师来说,那天早上当一群白人至上主义者渗入虚拟课堂时,他们从困惑变成了恐惧,用种族主义的诽谤、嘲弄的声音和暴力的屏幕图像淹没了学生和老师。

While the principal and superintendent made 公开声明, the Asian American students in the class were dissatisfied with the response. Instead, distressed students went to teachers who made them feel safe. Frustrated by the administration’s inaction on anti-Asian incidents like this one, Asian American teachers in the school where the digital attack occurred strategized ways to support and empower their Asian American students. This year, they will celebrate their third “AAPI Awareness Day,” featuring panels, conversations and performances from both students and outside speakers in the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.

Throughout the pandemic, EdSurge has continued its 变革之声项目, reporting on K-12 teachers and administrators guiding their students through the uncertainty of school closures and the trauma of mass death from the rapid spread of COVID-19. EdSurge Research has spent the last year 收集故事 from Asian American K-12 educators working during a time when violence against Asian Americans is at an all-time high. Participants from across the U.S. and from various positions in the K-12 education sector gathered in structured small group discussions to connect, share their stories and learn from each other in virtual learning circles.

许多亚裔美国教育工作者 EdSurge Research 采访了发起的亚裔美国亲和团体、专业发展研讨会和外展计划很少或根本没有学校领导的支持。他们这样做是出于对学生福祉的关心,但对于许多人来说,波士顿地区学校发生的 Zoombombing 等事件唤起了他们童年经历的种族主义痛苦记忆。

According to 最近的数据 from Stop AAPI Hate, one in five Asian Americans experienced a hate incident in the first year of the pandemic. From its onset, then-President Donald Trump, eager to distract from the failures of his leadership, glibly referred to COVID-19 as the “Chinese virus” and “kung flu,” using racist slurs to blame China for the virus. This stoked existing anti-Asian sentiment throughout the U.S., and Asians and Asian Americans became the scapegoat for lockdown frustrations. Then, in March 2021, Robert Aaron Long, a white man, went to three spas in the Atlanta area and fatally shot eight people, the majority of whom were women of Asian descent. Atlanta police 否认种族是一个因素. By and large, the 80 Asian American K-12 educators we interviewed cited these incidents, and the silence of their colleagues and school leaders, as deeply frustrating and traumatizing for them. For many, it brought up long-repressed experiences with racism.



亚特兰大水疗中心枪击案发生后的第二天,纽约的一名高中教师兼多元化、公平和包容性教练利亚·维特 (Leah Werther) 开车去学校,坐在停车场哭了起来。 “我心想,‘在我的整个学校里,我没有可以与之交谈的人,’”她告诉 EdSurge Research。 Werther 是她所在地区为数不多的有色人种教育者之一。


纽约的 ESL 老师 Stephanie Chiu 在 Facebook 上寻找该地区教育工作者和工作人员的群组亚特兰大枪击案当天。她滚动浏览帖子,想找人谈谈发生的事情。 “没有人张贴任何东西,”她回忆道。她希望表达对亚洲学生的同情或链接到如何就该事件进行对话的资源。 “在我发布内容之前,没有人说什么,”她补充道。



虽然一些学校实施了农历新年和排灯节等文化庆祝活动,但一些教育工作者告诉 EdSurge Research,他们希望与种族主义更明确。那些在没有多样化的教育者群体或机构支持更深入对话的学校需要额外的时间来自己创建课程和其他课堂材料。例如,纽约的一位二年级阅读老师对她的课堂阅读清单上缺乏多样化的书籍以及她的政府对更新的反应缓慢感到沮丧,她编写并出版了她自己的适合水平的书,肯定了亚洲美国学生的文化。

For some, efforts were met with hostility. A high school literature teacher in Pennsylvania supplemented a textbook lesson on the Declaration of Independence with the 卡塔尔世界杯买球 (体育官网手机登录平台下载) in order to address the harm of slavery and note the contributions of Black people to the foundation of the U.S. He was surprised with an audit from upper administration, a tacit warning that they disapproved of his efforts. A high school language arts teacher in New Jersey, knowing her supervisor would block her, went directly to her principal to implement an AAPI history month celebration. A history teacher in suburban California witnessed colleagues being stripped of assignments and leadership roles as retaliation “when people in power don’t like what you’re doing.”

缺乏支持,教育工作者对工作量感到精疲力尽它需要在他们的机构中导航并执行成功的课程。 “我们需要时间。我们需要容量,”加利福尼亚州的一位高中教师说。 “我们中的很多人确实在自己的时间里做出了努力,因为这对我们很重要。”她指出,作为少数重视谈论种族和从事反种族主义工作的人之一,很难创造有意义的、长期的改变。


At the same time Asian American K-12 educators were processing their grief and fear over COVID-19 and anti-Asian attacks, they were tasked with supporting their students. Several Asian American educators work with diverse populations, which includes Black, Indigenous, and Latinx students—many of whom were directly affected by 大流行中的种族差异响应 and 持续的国家暴力 against their communities. These educators took care of their students and ensured they met their goals while also trying to maintain their own mental health.

机构期望教育工作者继续“一切照旧”以“将学生放在首位”迫使个人忽略或尽量减少他们自己的需求和担忧。一位高中英语老师说:“我们努力照顾自己,这样我们才能照顾那些不被人注意的学生。”然后她讲述了有一次她要求学校领导看到她自己。亚特兰大水疗中心枪击案发生当天,Zoom 召开了一次部门会议,但没有人提及此事。她和另外两位亚裔美国老师打开了麦克风。她声称她这样做是因为她需要被倾听,但补充说她还需要向她的同事展示如何倾听他们的声音。继承亚裔美国学生。

Taking care of our students means taking care of our teachers. Supporting students and dealing with their own pandemic losses has led to 全球最正规体育平台 (亚洲体育登录平台网址是什么) at a time when educators are experiencing burnout and leaving the profession altogether in kb体育外围 (国内体育平台排行前十名). There is a 心理健康危机 in schools, and it’s not just the students who are experiencing the crisis. If true and meaningful change is to happen in our institutions, we must center the people at the front lines—this includes teachers.

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